About Office Hours Live Streams



Office Hours Live Stream is a weekly video show presented by Rackspace. Each week we share best practices for building applications, sites, and businesses in the cloud. The show is presented live each Thursday at 1pm US Central time, with audio and video available on-demand shortly thereafter.

The Office Hours Story

My career at Rackspace has been focused on customer success. When I helped build our Cloud Launch Team, I worked with one customer at a time, helping that customer evaluate their business, their goals for hosting, and establish a plan to meet those goals with Rackspace tools.

I worked with one customer at a time, and was successful with one customer at a time. But what if we could share those same best practices with a wider audience? What if, instead of having a one to one conversation, we instead broadcast a discussion about Rackspace Cloud best practices to the world? Anyone - customer or future customer - could listen to that advice, and implement those best practices.

With the goal of amplifying Rackspace’s Fanatical Support, we launched Office Hours Live Streams in March of 2013. I hosted one show by myself, and then brought Drew Cox into the mix. Drew has been a fantastic asset to the show by matching complex technical concepts to the business needs of our customers.

We have been able to produce over 145 shows, almost all of which can be found in our archive. The shows include topics such as customer success stories, Racker spotlights, third party partners, and general best practices.