Facing your cloud challenges

Episode 178: Recorded live on Thu Jan 26, 2017.

Life and technology are full of challenges, and challenges are meant to be overcome. Racker Eric Johnson joins us this week to share his take on challenges, and how we can overcome challenges we encounter with new technology.

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  • Alan Bush: @alanbush - Community Manager at Rackspace
  • Drew Cox: @DrewCoxSA - Enterprise Technical Advisor at Rackspace
  • Guests:

  • Eric Johnson: @edjgeek - AWS Evangelist & Cloud Architect at Rackspace- Eric Johnson is the AWS Evangelist at Rackspace. He has been working with AWS technologies as a developer and an architect for the last six years. His passion for all things new in cloud technologies drive him to be a lifetime student and fanatical speaker on all things cloud.

  • 2017-01-26 #Rackspace #Cloud computing #technology