The Business Case For Multi-Cloud

Episode 179: Recorded live on Thu Feb 2, 2017.

We’re extending our Multi-Cloud Twitter chat to Office Hours. OpenStack Racker Egle Siegler joins us to share her thoughts on the topic.



  • Alan Bush: @alanbush - Community Manager at Rackspace
  • Drew Cox: @DrewCoxSA - Enterprise Technical Advisor at Rackspace
  • Guests:

  • Egle Siegler: @eglute - Principal Architect of Private Cloud Solutions at Rackspace- Egle Sigler is a Principal Architect of Private Cloud Solutions at Rackspace, and an OpenStack Foundation Board member. As part of OpenStack Board, Egle is Co-Chair of DefCore committee. Egle is very passionate about promoting women in technology. She has served for two years on a governing board for POWER (Professional Organization of Women Empowered at Rackspace), Rackspace’s internal employee resource group dedicated to empowering women in technology. Egle holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science, and is a published author.

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